There seems to be a gap in human functioning/achievement and emotional depth. Imagine if practicing empathy was highly valued in our culture? Instead of feelings as a distraction, what if people worked on their emotional intelligence as they would any other skill?

I know this: I am acutely aware of my own tears and fears and joys. This helps me decipher others' needs and meaning. I've been encouraged to explore this in myself, as the social norm of females being "allowed" to have feelings has been the dominant model. This of course does not apply to everyone, but you get the idea.

☠️Patriarchy is bad for everyone. 💀

Emotions are not a handicap or a hindrance. My hunch is that emotionality and understanding this facet of ourselves will unlock pathways of progress and evolution. It's the other shit that keeps people stuck.

Embrace your own EMOTIONAL CREATURE.

It's ok. It's not scary. You'll feel better. 🖤